Tips For Finding the Right Optical Stores in Chelsea NY

People who have to wear glasses or contact lenses know that the prescription must be perfect in order for them to see well. Optical Stores in Chelsea NY constantly ensure great service at fantastic prices, but what goes into choosing the perfect frame? Metal, plastic, acetate, titanium… depending on your look and lifestyle, opticians are there to advise you in choosing the right frame for your next pair of glasses.

Metal frames: Elegant and Durable

Fine and discreet, metal frame eyewear can be circled, half-rimmed or pierced for more lightness. Shock resistant, it will also be more durable over time. In addition, the adjustable pads located at the nose ensure optimum comfort and reliability. However, since the metal frame is rather rigid, it is not recommended for regular sportsmen. Do not hesitate to ask Optical Stores in Chelsea NY for advice if you want to mount thick corrective lenses on a metal structure. Finally, prefer materials such as titanium or surgical steel if you are allergic to nickel.

Plastic frames: Style at an affordable price

Plastic frames are not only strong and comfortable, but they also fit all types of glasses and all corrections. There is an infinity of colors and shapes to choose from. If these are what you are looking for, try them on inside the optical store to see if they fit well.

Acetate frames provide a trendy look

Thanks to acetate frames, opticians can make any pair of glasses with style by choosing from a multitude of effects: matte, glossy, wood effect or even spangled for a retro look. Acetate is also a very resistant material that does not cause allergies. To ensure this is the right look, people must visit their local optician and determine which framed material is right.

Titanium frames: Comfort first

If an individual wants comfortable eyeglasses before all else, opt for a titanium mount. This option is both light and flexible, and it even allergy-resistant! Another advantage is that this material is available in a very large number of colors. It should also be noted that stainless steel (or surgical steel) is a cheaper alternative and has the same characteristics as titanium. For more information, visit today.

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