5 Tips for Getting the Right Crew for Your Oilfield Construction Project

Finding the right staffing solutions can make or break your project. If you’re looking for contractors to work in your oilfield construction in Alberta, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Hire at the right time

It’s easy to rush into a decision when you’re in urgent need of a contractor. You’re more likely to hire just about anyone. But compromising your hiring standards isn’t the best approach to take. Hire year-round instead. Don’t have enough manpower? Look for a company that can supply you with the contractors you need easily enough.

Explore all possible options

These days, you don’t have to rely on traditional ways to find contractors. You can go online, go to job fairs and even hire the services of an oilfield construction firm in Alberta for your staffing needs. With so many options available to you, finding a contractor or a company that’s up to your hiring standards should be a lot easier.

Be clear about what you need

Contractors and companies rely on the job descriptions you send out, says For Construction Pros. Do your best to develop clear descriptions for each position that you’re hiring. That should prevent any misunderstandings and hiring mistakes in the future.

Do your homework

Never consider a team or contractor without taking a good, long look at the company. Does the company have the right credentials and qualifications? Are you hiring the services of a trustworthy firm?

Ask for references

Call up those references to get a better read on the company and the level of service it can offer. This is also a good opportunity to ask past clients about the kind of problems they had with the company. Were results on time and on budget? Find out before you choose a company for your oilfield construction project.

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