Frequently Asked Questions About Bulk Water Delivery in Madison

There are few things quite as pleasurable in the heat of the summer months as lounging next to the pool or spending the day splashing around in it. However, having to fill the pool by oneself can be quite a chore, to say the least. This is why bulk water delivery in Madison makes sense when filling the pool. Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers about such a service.

Q: Why can’t a standard garden hose be used to fill the pool instead of bulk water?

A: Many people do use their hose to fill their pool. However, while it can be done, it is terribly inefficient and inconvenient. Those who use a garden hose to fill their pools are using their own well water. This water is not treated and chemicals must be used after the pool is filled to treat the water.

Also, a typical well only pumps about six gallons of water every minute. At 360 gallons an hour, that’s not only a lot of stress being placed on the wellpump but will require an inordinate amount of time to fill the pool-;in the range of two to three days.

After the pool is filled, it will need to be treated for an additional two to three days. This equates to almost a week that the pool is not ready to be used. When bulk water is shipped in, the pool can be used the same day it is filled.

Q: Where is the water from that the companies supply?

A: Most companies that engage in bulk water delivery in Madison purchase their water from local municipalities. Therefore, the water is already treated and ready to use.

Q: How much does the service cost?

A: This all depends on the amount of water needed for the pool. Most companies provide a chart on their site to give an estimate as to how much water will be needed in relation to the size of their pool.

For a top-notch water delivery service, make sure to choose one that has a stellar reputation such as East River Energy. Their pool water is second to none.

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