8 Ways to Stay Safe from Car Accidents

Car accidents claim thousands of lives every year. Treatment costs and property damage are nothing to sneeze at, either. Here are 8 ways to stay safe on the road from car accidents—or, at the very least, to prevent them from happening:

Be healthy

You think and react slower when you’re sick. If you’ve got a headache, fever or flu, better stay off your feet and out of the driver’s seat.

Avoid in-car distractions

That’s an excellent piece of advice from The Balance. A moment’s inattention could land you in a ditch or deadly collision. Set the phone aside or turn it on silent mode so it won’t distract you from driving.

Be vigilant

Always check for blind spots. Before you drive through intersections, make sure the lights are green. Don’t run a red light to avoid any risk of getting into an accident.

Don’t drive and drive

Drunk driving is at the top of the list of reasons people get into a car accident. Don’t drive and drive.

Mind weather conditions

Driving in the rain increases your likelihood of being in a road crash. Avoid it at all costs.

Drive carefully

If you can’t avoid driving in the rain, then the next best thing you can do is to drive as slow and as carefully as possible. Don’t speed up.

Drive during the day

Poor visibility at night can lead to accidents. You might want to drive during the day as much as possible to minimize driving risks.


If you’re sleepy and tired, you could nod off while you’re at the wheel. That’s an accident waiting to happen. Get enough rest or call for a cab instead.

Aside from these precautions, don’t forget to look for a car accident attorney in advance. That way, if you a crash does happen, you’ll know which numbers to call. With a car accident attorney by your side, you can get things sorted out much quicker.

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