A Bankruptcy Attorney In Bethlehem PA Can Help Protect Your Rights

Going through a financially troubling time in your life can have some serious repercussions. Your indebtedness may be the result of unanticipated job loss, illness or injury, high-interest personal loans, or out-of-control credit card debt, but whatever the root cause, you now find yourself under a mountain of debt which you have no reasonable expectation of being able to ever pay off in your current financial situation.

This is the time when a consultation with an experienced Bankruptcy Attorney In Bethlehem PA may be called for. Fortunately, bankruptcy doesn’t carry the stigma it once did when it was looked on as a sign of someone who couldn’t adequately manage their own finances; these days it is regarded as a sensible and practical method of dealing with an unsupportable burden of debt. Many of the wealthy have had to use this legal recourse, not to mention some of the country’s leading corporations.

An initial consultation with a bankruptcy attorney will give you an opportunity to describe your situation and will allow the attorney to determine the best course of action, based on your specific circumstances. Bankruptcy is far from a one-size-fits-all solution to financial issues; it may turn out that your attorney will suggest an alternative method of dealing with your finances such as defending collection lawsuits, dealing directly with the debt collector, or even using a qualified legal professional like your attorney to settle the debt.

If your attorney decides that filing for bankruptcy would be the most advantageous way of dealing with your financial situation, he will then work with you to decide if chapter 7 or chapter 13 is the best way to proceed. He will discuss everything with you as things progress and keep you in the loop through the entire process. One of the first things you’ll notice is that as soon as your bankruptcy has been filed with the court, those harassing phone calls, letters and emails will cease.

This is because an automatic stay goes into effect at the time of filing, preventing your creditors from doing those things. This will give you and your attorney a chance to work through the details of the bankruptcy process.

If you find yourself in need of an experienced Bankruptcy Attorney In Bethlehem PA, Rapa Law Office P.C. will be ready to work tenaciously on your behalf to help you get your financial footing again.


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