A Car Accident Attorney in Phoenix can Protect Your Interests After a Substandard Repair

In most instances, insurers are required to offer post-accident auto repairs to policyholders. Alternatively, the damaged vehicle’s owner can make his or her own repair arrangements. In either case, the repair shop has the obligation to restore the car to the same condition it was in before the accident. A substandard repair occurs when the shop fails to fulfill that obligation, or when the car comes back in worse condition. Substandard repairs involve two factors:

* Work quality -; If the repairs are below the industry standard, you may be able to recover

* Parts quality -; You should ask the repairer whether they will use OEM or reconditioned parts. The best repair shops use new, manufacturer-supplied parts, and if they do not, you may have a claim for replacement parts.

Proving a Substandard Repair

When documenting substandard repairs after an auto accident, you’ll need to provide evidence such as:

* Before and after photos of the vehicle

* Written observations of vehicle performance, before and after the repair

* Copies of the repair and insurance policies

Testimony from witnesses

Federal and state business laws prohibit repair shops and insurance companies from engaging in deceptive advertising and sales practices. If you feel that you have been misled, you should keep a copy of the statement or advertisement to use as evidence in court.

Avoiding Substandard Auto Repairs

It is almost impossible to prevent all substandard repairs, because there are times when your car will not be under your control. However, you can avoid many shoddy repairs by:

* Not permitting other people to authorize repairs on your behalf

* Getting statements in writing from the repair shop, stating what work will be done and which parts will be used

* Asking questions before handing your car over to the repair shop

Most of these principles apply to all auto repairs, not just those done after an accident. If you get a substandard repair, you should call a Car Accident Attorney in Phoenix for advice because laws vary by state.

How an Attorney can Help you Recover for Substandard Repairs After an Accident

If you are in a dispute with a repair shop or an insurance company, you may need the help of an attorney. A Car Accident Attorney in Phoenix can offer advice that is tailored to your situation. If you need to take your case to court, Robert Ramirez Law can protect your interests and help you recover from your losses.

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