A Drunk Driving Lawyer in Sycamore, IL Can Fight BAC Results

BAC (blood alcohol content) tests are designed to test the amount of alcohol a person has consumed. They can test the person’s breath or blood to determine the alcohol level, but most of the time the breathalyzer is what is used by officers to determine how much a person has had to drink. While these tests can be extremely accurate, there could be errors in how the testing is done, which means a drunk driving lawyer in Sycamore, IL can fight the results.

Why Are Breathalyzers Used?

Breathalyzers are used because they are an extremely portable way to check the blood alcohol content of a person who is suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol. They are typically easy to use as the officer just needs to make sure the person blows into the device long enough for the device to get a reading. The officer can then use the reading to determine if the person is over the legal limit for driving.

What Can Go Wrong?

Breathalyzers need to be properly calibrated every time they’re used, but this doesn’t happen often. Additionally, they are machines and, as such, can malfunction. There could also be other reasons a person will have a high reading even if they haven’t actually been drinking that day.

How Can an Attorney Fight the Results?

An attorney understands what can go wrong and how to prove the results of the breathalyzer were incorrect. They can have the person retested at a hospital, for instance, to determine the correct reading and can compare that to the results of the breathalyzer to determine that the breathalyzer results could not have been correct. This does, however, need to be done as quickly as possible after the arrest.

If you’ve been arrested for drunk driving, don’t let the evidence against you make it seem like you can’t avoid a conviction. A drunk driving lawyer in Sycamore, IL is going to do as much as possible to help minimize the impact this situation has on your life. Visit The Cosentino Law Firm, LLC online now to learn more about how they can help or so you can contact a lawyer who is ready to work on your case.

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