A DWI Attorney in Saint Paul MN can Help After an Under the Limit Arrest

There is no doubt that alcohol can impair your judgment, but the level at which a person can legally be considered ‘impaired’ is a subject of debate in courts everywhere. Where one person could be seriously impaired, another who consumed the same amount of alcohol could be unaffected. In this short article, you will find questions and answers on impairment and blood alcohol level.

Cases Where a Driver’s BAC is Under the Legal Limit

You may think you will be OK if your BAC is under the limit, but it is wise not to take chances. Studies show that even if you are under the legal limit for impairment, you could still be impaired at even a slightly elevated BAC. Your driving can be affected by factors other than the amount of alcohol you’ve consumed, and many states have laws giving police discretion in making under-the-limit arrests. A DWI Attorney in Saint Paul MN can tell you more about Minnesota’s legal impairment laws and how they can affect your case.

When does Speed Become a Factor?

Your ability to focus and control your speed are deemed to be impaired at a BAC of .08. Any level under that can depend on factors such as driving conditions, the time of day, your fatigue level, and the amount of food you’ve had. Your tolerance for alcohol, as well as your gender, age and weight all play a role.

How Much can I Drink and Stay Under the Limit?

The factors listed above can affect the number of drinks you can have while remaining below the limit for impairment. A man weighing 170 pounds can have four drinks per hour and stay legal, while a woman weighing 135 pounds can have three drinks within that time. For the purposes of this article, a drink is equal to half an ounce of alcohol. However, as mentioned above, your state may have laws allowing police to arrest you even if your BAC is below the legal limit for impairment.

Calling an Attorney

If you are facing charges for DWI or DUI, you should consult with a criminal defense attorney right away. Brandt Criminal Defense can tell you more about the laws in Minnesota, and he or she can inform you of your legal rights and responsibilities. By hiring a DWI Attorney in Saint Paul MN, you will go into court knowing what to expect.

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