Finding a Workplace Injury Attorney in Upper Marlboro, MD

Whenever an injury occurs at the workplace, the injured employee has the right to expect to receive workers’ compensation from the company. Everything must be filled out according to the requirements of the workers’ compensation review board, and this includes reporting the injury in proper time and seeing the doctors that are supposed to be seen. A workplace injury attorney in Upper Marlboro, MD advises and represents clients who for one reason or another have been denied payments due to a workplace injury. Here are some things that should be known about workplace injuries.

Understanding the Nature of Workplace Injuries

Because the workers’ compensation insurance was put in place to help both the employer and the employee, the injured employee cannot just sue their employer at will for injuries in the workplace. To sue the employer beyond what workers’ compensation will pay, the injury has to be so severe that it falls into a category called the “Woodson claim”. This kind of claim will be extremely difficult to prove but is put in place if the injured employee should need it.

When a Lawyer Will Get Involved in the Workplace Injury Case

When all of the necessary steps have been followed and the injured employee is still not getting paid workers’ compensation, it is time to get an attorney involved. The attorney may be able to do some research and act as a liaison between the injured employee and the insurance company. The attorney may be in a position to negotiate some benefits for the client from the insurance company. At the very least, the lawyer can help to make sure the client gets all that is fair.

Attorneys in Upper Marlboro, Maryland

Once the injured employee has found an attorney that they like, they should ask all kinds of questions, such as the amount of experience the lawyer has litigating workplace injury claims. The would-be client should be able to speak to some of the former clients the attorney has had. Anyone looking for a workplace injury attorney in Upper Marlboro, MD can contact the Law Office of Danny R. Seidman. Visit for more information.

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