Safeguard Your Pets from Killer Chemicals

Did you know that our pets can be far more vulnerable to common chemicals than we are? Believe it or not, the human body is extremely durable compared to many other animals. Our dogs and cats may be in danger of serious medical problems if they are being exposed to common chemicals that humans would barely even notice. Here’s how you can protect your pets from these hidden killers.

Consider Your Gardening Habits

Some of the most common chemicals that can harm our pets are products used in gardening and lawn care. Things like fertilizers with herbicides, and insecticide products, can be very dangerous for dogs and cats. Certain chemicals for these purposes can cause seizures, vomiting, and other serious conditions. Not only should you be careful to keep your pets from eating plants that have been treated, you should also wash off their paws if they run around on the grass. Consider looking for natural alternatives for fertilizer, weed killer, and insect control.

Be Safe in Cool Weather

There are two big chemical concerns during cooler weather that can affect your pets: de-icing salt, and antifreeze. De-icing salt can lead to weakness, paw burns, vomiting, and more. Antifreeze can be deadly if ingested. You can try to keep your dog’s feet clear of de-icing salt by having them wear pet boots, or you can try natural alternatives. When it comes to leaky antifreeze, the best treatment is prevention. Be sure you always check for leaky antifreeze when you move the car in the winter so your dog or cat doesn’t get into this deadly toxin.

Switch Up Your Household Cleaners

Finally, household cleaners are the other main risk for dogs and cats. Many household cleaners contain products that we consider safe for use, like bleach and ammonia, which put our pets in danger of serious conditions like cancer, liver damage, and anemia. The best way to keep your pet safe from these chemicals is to use natural alternatives and be sure that cleaning product residue dries before you allow your pet into an area of your home.

Don’t Forget the Pet Products!

Did you know that many pet products like flea prevention products have dangerous chemicals in them? Earth Pets is a natural pet supply store in Jacksonville where you can find pet-friendly products that keep your dog or cat safe from many common chemicals in pet products.

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