A Glass Door in Prince George’s County Creates a Welcoming Storefront

It’s important for a business to have an attractive storefront that makes their customers feel welcome. A Glass door in Prince George’s County secures the store, while providing a welcoming atmosphere. A transparent glass door allows customers to see into the a shop and this signals to them that it is open for business. There are many different styles of glass doors for a business owner to choose from. There are sleek and modern single-pane doors or traditional doors with more than one window pane. A representative from a glass door company can help a customer select the perfect door for their storefront.

Beltway Auto & Plate Glass has been providing all types of glass products to business owners since 1969. They understand how important it is that glass doors and windows project the proper image. They also understand that doors and windows are an important security feature. If a glass door or window is broken, the company is committed to responding to this emergency within two hours. This is the fastest response time in the region. A broken Glass door in Prince George’s County is also a safety issue. Any customer injured by a broken door could file an expensive personal injury lawsuit against the business.

Retail businesses are always balancing the need of their customers to see and touch products with the need to prevent theft. Glass display cases are often the answer. Expensive or fragile items can be kept in them. The glass allows a customer to see the item. They can then ask a sales person to take it out of the display case to have a closer look. Display cases come in many styles and sizes. The business owner can select large floor cases, if they have many items that need to be protected. Small cases that fit on top of counters are also available.

Display cases also reduce employee theft. Because access is limited to those who have keys or know the combination to the lock, it’s easier to figure out who had access to the display case when item went missing. Business owners can Click here to learn about the products and services available to help them have an attractive and secure store.

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