A Guide to Tension Load Cells

A load cell is a transducer device that takes the force of a physical object and converts it into an electrical signal. Once an electrical signal has been created it can then be measured to figure out various forces of an object such as its gravitational pull or force. A load cell can also be used to measure the tension of an object as well.

Load Cell Applications

Load cells are used in various industrial and commercial processes. They are used for weighing goods and then producing computerized data for the results. They’re also used for testing machines, platform scales and for bathroom scales that are commonly found in many residential homes.

How do Load Cells Work?

Load cells measure force with the use of strain gauges. These electrical devices are resistors that are built into a scale. The strain gauges are situated into four parts of the scale. When a weight or force is measured a voltage is created which is then measured between the different resistors. Once the strain gauges have this measurement it then can determine the weight or force of an object.

Types of Load Cells

There are many different types of load cells and they consist of hydraulic, piezoelectric and the common strain variety. Tension load cells are designed to measure the tension of various objects such as a levers, support beam or for wiring used in construction. This type of load cell designed to measure the tensile strength of objects. Keep in mind that Newton’s are used for measuring force instead of pounds. Tension load cells are commonly used in steel mills, shipyards and construction sites. Without this device many industries and businesses could not effectively keep track of their products and sales.

Tension load scales can be customized to meet the standards for most applications. Scales can be manufactured to measure the tensile strength of large items as well as small objects. Different types of tension cells such as the S Type load Cell, low profile pancake load cell, column type load cell, isometric force sensor and stud type load cell are available for use. They can be used for high accuracy, low profile and for miniature and low range applications. These items can also be outfitted with female ends for extended applications.
Tension load cells are a perfect solution for many businesses that must constantly gauge their equipment or measure products. They are required to ensure product continuity and for ensuring profits stay in the black. Also, some industries need these scales to keep their operations running smoothly and efficiently. For more information on tension load cells contact the experts over at Hardy Process Solutions.

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