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Statistics reveal that more than 12 million individuals in the United States receive care at home, many of them senior home care. The number is growing as the population ages. Seniors may require these services for a variety of reasons. They include:

* Acute to severe illness

* Long term health conditions

* Permanent or temporary disability

* Terminal illness

For some, long-term care is going to be a necessary part of their lives. To others, there is a need for temporary help. This may be the case in several different scenarios. It is particularly true when seniors arrive home from hospital. This is a period when the senior needs to adjust or readjust to living in their own home. In these situations, he or she often requires all the help available.

Arriving at Home: Components of Senior Home Care

When a patient is released from a hospital, they face a period of adjustment. Depending upon the reasons for his or her stay, the help needed could be minor or major. In some cases, it is about rehabilitation. A caregiver make be asked to provide the following as part of a senior home care plan:

Assistance with walking: The senior may be unsteady on his or her legs. They may require an assisting device such as a cane or walker. On the other hand, they may need the personal touch – a caregiver who can help them from the bed to the commode or kitchen or simply steady them as they go about their daily routine.

Help with personal care: This includes such things as bathing, washing, shaving, dressing and even climbing in and out of the bed
Cooking and cleaning: In some instances, the individual needs a meal prepared. A hand may be requested to help in washing and putting away the dishes.

Light Housekeeping: Senior home care may also involve light housekeeping

Depending upon the situation, senior home care may mean more than reminding him or her about their medication. It may also include shopping, visiting the library and taking the client to visit their doctor or other medical professionals.

Depending upon the severity of your health problems, we can also undertake such tasks as shopping.

Ongoing Senior Care

Arriving home form the hospital can be traumatic. It is a time of readjustment and rehabilitation. This is when a senior needs significant and positive support. While the ability and capability to provide this may be beyond a family member, it is not beyond the scope of a professional senior home caregiver. Indeed by hiring the right individual or agency, you are helping ensure that the elderly relative receives the attention he or she deserves. This is true whether the need is for a short time or whether skilled, reliable and expert senior home care is required for an extended and ongoing period of time.

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