A Picture Without a Frame is like a Book Without a Cover

A frame ideally complements the work on display, showing off the best elements of the framed items and inviting viewers to take a closer look. With the stunning array of framing types and styles, it can be overwhelming to locate a frame that is perfectly suitable for the needs of a particular picture (or precious item). Picture framing can therefore seem more daunting than it actually is, but professionals like those at Rosenbaum Framing know all the ins and outs of framing, including what materials and colors work best with different types of images, and how to size the frame proportionately in keeping with the dimensions of the picture.

Without a frame, a picture can quickly fade, or it can be easily damaged by exposure to touch, sunlight, or humid air. Framing is not just an aesthetic choice but also a practical one because it protects the image inside and preserves it for posterity. An unattractive frame can actually decrease the value of an item intended for resale, so if you have a picture that you may want to sell, choosing a good frame for it is important.

A picture frame can in some cases be even more striking than the image contained within it. Many people will notice a frame at the same time as they notice the picture, remarking about the style of the frame, and how it has become integral with and inseparable from the actual picture. When a frame becomes one with the picture, you know that the framing work was done well. Rosenbaum Framing is one of those special places that takes framing seriously. The people at Rosenbaum Framing appreciate the value and beauty in a good frame, one that is chosen to suit the needs of the picture as well as the budget of the buyer. Picture framing, when done properly, can be one of the best investments a person can make when keeping cherished items, photographs, or works of art.

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