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Perhaps you have to hear some of the Yo Mama so fat jokes that are making the rounds through social media. Humor is something that can be very personal to people. One trend in jokes recently has been an influx of jokes that begin with the words Yo Mama. Yo mama jokes stem from the desire to inflict maternal insults on other people that tend to be quite offensive. Some people find these types of jokes to be very funny while others don’t quite get the humor. The people who enjoy the Yo Mama jokes tend to enjoy them very much and often think up new Yo Mama jokes to tell to other people.

Types of Yo Mama Jokes

There are three main categories of Yo Mama jokes although some variance on these three sometimes come into play as well.

Yo Mama So Fat

One of the most popular of the Yo Mama jokes is the Yo Mama So Fat jokes. Here are some examples of Yo Mama so fat jokes

1. Yo Mama so fat her belly button gets home five minutes before she does
2. Yo Mama so fat she goes to a restaurant, looks at the menu and says “ok”
3. Yo Mama so fat people jog around her for exercise
4. Yo Mama so fat she steps on the scale and it says to be continued

Yo Mama So Ugly

Another popular version of the Yo Mama so fat jokes is the Yo Mama so ugly variety. Here are a few popular ones.

1. Yo Mama so ugly they push her face into dough to make gorilla cookies
2. Yo Mama so ugly she could eat a banana sideways
3. Yo Mama so ugly she makes blind children cry
4. Yo Mama is so ugly that when she uploaded a photo of herself to a computer, it was rejected by the anti-virus software.

Yo Mama So Dumb

Yet another variation of the Yo mama so fat jokes is the Yo mama so dumb jokes. Here are a few of the funnier ones

1. Yo Mama so dumb I told her Christmas was around the corner, and she went lookin’.
2. Yo Mama so dumb she runs out to the mailbox every time AOL tells her “You’ve got mail.”
3. Yo Mama’s so dumb she waited all day at a stop sign.
4. Yo Mama’s so dumb when she went to a football game she thought the quarter back was a refund!

Yo mama so fat jokes they are wildly popular and the large variety of jokes available just goes to show how much most people like them.

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