Surprising Facts You May Not Know About Funerals in Woodland, CA.

The classic funeral, featuring a viewing, church service, and cemetery burial, has become an option, not an inevitable choice. That is because businesses like McCune Garden Chapel have evolved to meet their communities’ changing needs. Today, funeral directors may create custom Funerals in Woodland CA, display and bury bodies in personalized caskets, and provide green funerals.

Funeral Directors Fulfill Client Wishes

The average funeral professional stands ready to create almost any arrangements imaginable. They are often called on to create themes. In the last few years, celebrities, the very wealthy, and individualists of all types, have requested Super Bowl, country kitchen, bar, Harley Davidson, and picnic themed funerals. Clients often preplan and prepay for unique Funerals in Woodland CA. They not only save their families expenses and a series of decisions, but get send-offs that reflect their lives.

Caskets Can Be Unique

While it is typical for clients to choose from among the caskets offered at funeral homes, professionals in the industry will use any container that meets all regulations. As a result, some clients provide their own containers. Many big-box stores sell funeral containers, and it is not unusual for customers to have caskets delivered to their homes, where they are stored for future use.
Customers can order custom-made, beautiful models, as well as styles that are simply unique. Caskets have been made in guitar, car, book, and fish shapes. In addition, funeral professionals are sometimes asked to bury bodies in the display caskets designed for cremation viewings. Clients might make this request when they feel that the lighter caskets provide a more natural decomposition process than sealed vaults and containers.

Arrangements Have Gone Green

The increased interest in preserving the earth has spurred many to request “green” funerals. They want unembalmed bodies wrapped in biodegradable shrouds and buried in natural surrounds, where they will decompose and return to their basic elements. As a result, many funeral homes now offer a range of eco-friendly services, including green cremations that can include biodegradable urns and seed packets.

Unique funerals are now in style, and funeral professionals have adapted. As a result, many people are surprised to find that funeral directors routinely arrange themed services, display and bury bodies in custom caskets, and offer eco-friendly arrangements.

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