A Podiatrist Helps You to Understand Foot And Ankle Biomechanics in Kenosha, WI

You may not realize the importance of your feet regarding supporting your weight, but they are critically necessary for performing that function. When you can no longer use your feet or ankles to stand and support your weight, it will become clear how much of a burden your heavy body becomes for someone else. The science of understanding how all of this works is known as foot and ankle biomechanics. For the foot and ankle to have proper biomechanics, there must be a healthy working relationship among the ligaments, muscle, and bone of the foot.

There is a podiatrist who works with the Foot And Ankle Biomechanics in Kenosha WI of his patients. The foot and ankle work together in a complex network of many joints. One does not have to be a foot doctor to understand that if either the foot or the ankle are not working properly, the patient is going to have problems using his or her lower extremities. It is for this reason that when athletes tear a lower limb or put strain on the ankles, they need to get the professional opinions of both a podiatrist or orthopedic specialist and a physical therapist.

Some of the problems that arise out of having foot and ankle issues include tendonitis, ankle sprains, Achilles Tendon rupture, claw toes, hammer toes, and various arthritic complications. When you go to the podiatrist, he or she will treat these issues and make recommendations for other therapy that may be needed. Any problems that come up with the feet, the podiatrist, will ensure to get the problem addressed and taken care of.

Dr. William Yoder of Family Foot & Ankle Clinics of Wisconsin has been addressing foot and ankle problems for patients in the Kenosha, Wi area for the past 75 years. Some of the foot and ankle problems and conditions treated are Achilles Tendon, athletes foot, arthritis (foot and ankle), bunions, ingrown toenails, issues that specific to diabetic foot problems, correction of deformities, and nerve problems. If you need a podiatrist who will address the Foot And Ankle Biomechanics in Kenosha WI, visit the website of Dr. William Yoder at http://familyfootclinics.com/. On the website, follow the link that says “look at more info here.”

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