How To Make Your Machine More Efficient For Embroidery in Kansas City

The embroidery machine is the core of the art, whether embroidering is your business or hobby. Taking good care of it is an essential component of making sure it runs as efficiently as possible. Here are a few tips to keep it running smoothly:

1. Make sure the machine is cleaned and oiled on a regular basis. Nothing will make a machine break down faster than a lack of proper maintenance. There is a direct link between not oiling the machine and frequent thread breaks, specifically dealing with the threading hook. The thread hook is a vital part of the machine and should be oiled at least daily, or every eight hours of use, whichever comes first. Always make sure to frequently clean dust and lint off of the machine, and watch out for scrap pieces of thread that can inadvertently fall into the machine parts and lock up the entire thing.

2. Monitor the wear on the needles so you can be aware of when to change them. Any aberration on the needle can cause thread breaks. If a needle is causing frequent thread breaks, it is time to change it. Not all the needles on the machine need to be changed at the same time as each needle will endure different levels of use and so will not suffer wear as frequently as other needles.

3. Don’t always blame the machine. If a digitized embroidery design is flawed, this will surely cause frequent thread breaks during embroidery in Kansas City. If there is too much detail or too many trims, the machine may not be able to embroider in a proper fashion.

4. Knowing your machine inside and out is a good idea. Most modern machines have all sorts of extra features that can save much time and hassle and allow the job to be finished more quickly.

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