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Many people feel unhappy with the dingy, stained, or downright ugly color of their teeth today. There are a large number of reasons that people get stained teeth. It is fairly rare for teeth to darken naturally, but that does happen over time due to the aging process sometimes. More commonly, the reason that Teeth Whitening in DC is needed has to do with the things that the teeth are exposed to on a regular basis.

The most common reasons for teeth discoloration are: Regular coffee drinking, regular cigarette smoking, drinking of dark colored sodas, drinking of red wine, and drinking of any dark colored beverage on a regular basis. Dental teeth whitening can do a great deal to remove the staining and darkening of the teeth, often bringing teeth upwards in brightness by three or more shades. The amount of color correction depends on how dark the teeth were to begin with. People who have only slightly darkened teeth may only need one or two shades of lightening, for example. However, lifelong tobacco smokers may need to lighten their teeth by four or more shades. Dental teeth whitening is customized for each patient so that the color correction is what they wanted.

In most cases, a professional dental whitening procedure will take place partly at the dentist’s office and partly at home. The dentist will create mouth molds for the patient first. These mouth molds fit very snugly onto the teeth, so they are the ideal delivery system for the whitening gel that the dentist will send home with the patient. The dental whitening is done at home over a period of several days or even as long as several weeks. The patient will then return to the dentist to check on progress. Some dentists will also use a special dental laser to accelerate the whitening process.

The difference between professional dental whitening and the over the counter teeth whiteners is significant. Professional whitening can yield far more dramatic results, and it also has the advantage of being medically supervised by a trained dentist. If you plan to have Teeth Whitening in DC in the near future, you can click here to learn more today.

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