A Polymer Mixing System Can Provide Precise Waste Solutions

When it comes to waste disposal and waste disinfection, precision is key. After all, with waste management both the health of communities and the environment are at stake. In order to dispose of and disinfect waste properly you need to have the right equipment. The right tools and machines makes following strict government rules and regulations easier. One of the best machines a waste management company can own is a polymer mixing system.

A polymer mixing system performs a number of important tasks, and comes in many different designs and models which allowing companies to find a product that is suited to their specific needs.

Although there are many variations of polymer mixing systems, they all adhere to the same general structure. Many of these devices consist of two stainless-steel tanks in addition to a delivery and mixer unit. Through a vacuum conveyer, the polymer is fed into the bottom tank where it is mixed with water. This mixture is then transferred to the upper tank where it matures, and is then sent back down to the bottom tank.

There are many variations to this basic structure. Some systems come with only one tank, while others have adjustable auto-flush settings. Some other variables to consider with polymer mixing systems include:

  • Agitator
  • Motor Valves
  • Control Cabinets
  • Integral Bleed Valve
  • Fault and Pacing Relays Option
  • Adjustable Stroke Length and Stroke Accuracy
  • Dual Stage Level Switch


There are many advantages that come with owning a polymer mixing system.

  • Simplifies Polymer Mixing
  • Allows large quantities of polymers to be mixed at once
  • With the increasing complexity of polymer solutions, mixing systems make creating such solutions possible. This allows for more effective waste treatment.
  • Allows for the designing of more specific disinfectants for more specific treatments

An Effective Solution

A polymer mixing system is one of the most cost effective devices a waste management company can own. These devices allow companies to stay on the cutting edge technologically, allowing for the creation of advanced solutions and disinfectants. Additionally, it allows businesses to save money by allowing them to create solutions in mass quantities.

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