Preparing For Sign Installation In Chicago

by | Aug 1, 2016 | Printing

Signs were one of the first marketing tools ever used. Although signs have certainly evolved from the simple “shingles” that businesses used to hang outside the door, they still have the same basic goal.

The goal of any sign in any Chicago business is to provide information and attract new customers. This includes the business sign as well as sales and promotional signs. No matter how great the sign is, it also has to be located in the right position and designed to grab the attention of the target audience.

Some printing companies also offer sign installation services. These services can be very helpful in working with your staff to ensure the signs are in the correct location to be seen. The same companies can also work with your advertising and marketing department to develop signs that are sure to appeal to just the right group of customers.

Location of the Sign

Determining where to put the sign is the first step in the sign installation process. If it is a sign that identifies your business or that is designed to highlight a promotion, a location with high visibility is going to be critical.

Store signs are typically placed in windows or at the doorway. For sales and promotions these types of sign installation options can be on the windows, typically on the inside, or on stands or marquee types of display hardware that draw attention to the sign. These signs can be very easy to change and remove as necessary, adding to the fresh and dynamic look of the store.

Size of the Sign

It is true that bigger is better when it comes to promotional signs, but there is a limit. Carefully matching the size, shape and location of the sign to the products promoted and the size of the store or space is critical.

For example, if you have a restaurant featuring a specialty food item each week, signs on stands at the entrance are a terrific marketing option. However, the signs and the stands have to be selected to avoid creating a crowded or cramped space to the entrance. They also have to allow for easy movement through the area or they become a distraction and not a marketing tool.

Signs that are installed and located in high visibility areas such as at eye level or above on walls and display areas are going to create more movement to the back and sides of retail space. Chicago stores can take advantage of this by placing sales signs to the back and outside of the space and bringing more customers into the store.

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