Top Reasons To Consider Zinc Iron Plating

There are several different options or alternatives to consider when zinc plating is the right choice for parts and components. One of the most durable, practical and low-cost options to consider is zinc iron plating. Currently, it is a process used for a wide array of different parts and components in virtually all types of applications.

Some of the advantages to using zinc, iron plating include the ability to use a cyanide-free process to provide a thin, even distribution of the zinc across any surface. This includes complex shapes and designs, with the specific thickness controlled to tight tolerances based on the customer’s needs.

The Appearance

As with any type of zinc plating completed by a professional metal finishing company, the appearance of the plating can be customized to the customer’s requirements. Left as just the plating they are naturally very bright and offer a fine-grained final appearance. With the solid black color, they are also very distinctive, a great addition to any OEM part.

They are also able to be used with trivalent passivates to create the final color to the finish that is required. This process is completed after the plating to enhance the color and the appearance of the final component or part.

Additional Advantages

In addition to the appearance, there are other advantages in zinc iron over other types of zinc plating options. The use of zinc iron in the plating provides a weldable surface with good ductility, something that is critical in many different types of parts and applications.

Parts that are treated with zinc iron as the plating option also have a higher level of hardness, and they demonstrate superior resistance to salt spray and corrosion.

What to Consider

When selecting a company to complete zinc iron plating, finding the right match for your needs will always be an important consideration.

Start by comparing the experience in the industry, the years in business as well as the specialized services offered by the metal finishing company. There are some companies that are uniquely positioned to provide all the zinc plating services required, while others may be more limited in their abilities.

By working with a dedicated metal finishing company, you can have the confidence that the zinc plating process will be done to specifications and the standards you require. Talk to the company and ensure they can complete your order on time and are using the latest in technology to get the job done.

For all your zinc iron plating questions or projects, visit our website at Our staff at Dekalb Metal Finishing is available to talk to you about your metal finishing needs and to help to determine which option is best for your parts and components.

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