A Professional Lawn Service in Lawrence, KS Does a Variety of Yard Renewal Projects

Consider what happens when a person buys a house on a rural property and the previous owner did not take very good care of the yard. In a municipality, residents are generally required by regulations to keep their lawns in acceptable condition. The yard should not become an eyesore, nor should it become an attractant to rodents or a haven for insects. Outside of town, however, it’s up to property owners to decide whether to attend to the lawn or not. The new property owner may want to hire a Lawn Service in Lawrence KS, to get the yard back into healthy condition, especially if the property is relatively large. An acre or two of land is a big area to deal with, making lawn renewal time-consuming.

Technicians from a Lawn Service in Lawrence KS, provide a variety of services. They’ll rake up leaves, evergreen needles, pine cones, and tree seeds that have built up over time. Needles, in particular, can be toxic to a lawn, leading to many large spots of dead grass. After the debris is cleared away, it’s time to reseed and spread fertilizer. The homeowner receives instructions on proper watering and other care for the new grass.

In fact, a company such as Greentouch Lawn Service can install a sprinkler system if that’s more convenient for the property owner. Many people find that this is the best option, since manual watering with a rotating or oscillating sprinkler can become a hassle. A sprinkler system is set up to run automatically early in the morning for a certain length of time. In contrast, manual watering is easy to forget, and doing it before heading out to work can be a problem. There’s also nobody around to water the lawn when the residents leave town on vacation.

Once the lawn is green and lovely again, the new homeowner might want to have this landscaping company do some additional work. The technicians can trim trees and add areas known as hardscapes. An example of a hardscape would be a brick pathway leading from the back door to a vegetable garden. The property gradually becomes a showpiece and a significant contrast from what it looked like when first put up for sale. Visit the website to get more information.

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