Lawn Sprinkler Services in Lawrence KS For Residential And Commercial Property Owners

If a sprinkler system has a clogged head and water won’t come out as strongly as it used to, a few steps can be taken to dislodge materials that are stuck inside of it. The sprinkler system needs to be turned off before the head is removed. The head can be turned counter-clockwise in order to loosen it from its base. Many sprinkler heads have a filter on the bottom of them. The filter may be surrounded by a bracket. After removing the filter, it can be placed in a bucket of soapy water to remove any debris that is on its surface.

If a filter is severely stained or has a lot of residue on its surface, it is a good idea to purchase a new one. The sprinkler head can also be placed in a bucket of soapy water to eliminate dirty residue. A small scrub brush can be used to loosen any debris that is stuck inside of a head’s grooves. A scrub brush will also be useful to eliminate any dirty buildup that is in the interior portions of the head. Once the sprinkler head is clean, it needs to be rinsed off with plain water. Afterward, it can be installed in the base and tightened by turning the head clockwise.

A sprinkler system will need to be turned on to ensure that it is working properly. If a strong stream of water comes out of the holes in the top of the head, the cleaning steps will work to resolve the previous problem. If the sprinkler system isn’t working properly, however, it will be beneficial to hire a company that provides Lawn Sprinkler Services in Lawrence KS. A technician will diagnose any problems with a system and will replace materials that are no longer working properly.

A technician can assist an individual with problems of any size and will make sure that a system is operating correctly before they leave. Greentouch Lawn Service or a similar company offers Lawn Sprinkler Services in Lawrence KS for residential and commercial property owners. They can also assist with keeping a system maintained so that it continues working properly for years.

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