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by | Feb 1, 2016 | Flooring Contractors

Decades ago, Wood Flooring was found in the majority of homes. It was durable, affordable, and required minimal care. As the years progressed, flooring trends changed and the introduction of carpeting led many homeowners to cover their wood floors over. Unfortunately, this involved gluing material directly to the floor and damaging the existing finish. Many homeowners didn’t want to deal with the restorative process after this point and continued to replace one carpet with another. Luckily, homeowners are finally deciding to bring beautiful wood floors back into their home. Whether this involves sanding and refinishing what already exists, complete replacement, or new installation, a business like Anthony’s World of Floors has everything one will need.

Improving the floors in both commercial and residential settings is no simple task. Although some individuals might have the skill, training, or desire to attempt this work on their own, the bulk of property owners would rather leave this to the professionals. Visiting a website like Anthonysworldoffloors.com will guide potential clients to the products and services of an experienced flooring contractor. This company has served the Long Island area for over 40 years and established themselves as a respectable company. Not only will their finished product look incredible, but the work is also 100% guaranteed. Anything that does not live up to the client’s expectations will be replaced or improved until the desired look is achieved. This includes the installation of new flooring as well as the restoration of worn, faded hardwood surfaces.

Not all flooring jobs are done by professional companies. Some homeowners do the work themselves or hire an independent contractor. In these instances, there is no need for installation services, but they will need a place to purchase Wood Flooring products from. Anthony’s World of Floors makes this a possibility. With both an in-store and online showroom, client’s can peruse through a large variety of wood materials, colors, sizes, and manufacturers. The flooring can be ordered right from the website or through one of the store’s team members. To aid in this process, the company offers an online flooring calculator that determines the square footage needed as well as provides a cost estimate.

Enjoying beautiful wood floors has never been easier. Whether someone is fixing up their existing floors or bringing in the experts to give their home a whole new look, the professional flooring contractors in Port Washington, NY at are ready to help.

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