A Sexual Harassment Attorney in Worcester, MA Can Help With All Types of Sexual Harassment

A sexual harassment attorney in Worcester, MA can help a person deal with any type of sexual harassment that happens at work. For the most part, there are usually two types of sexual harassment that a person can go through while at work. One form of harassment relies on a person putting up with sexual harassment in order to retain employment, get preferential treatment at the job, or even get a promotion. In some cases of sexual harassment, the terms may be directly stated. People may be told that they have to deal with sexual harassment in order to keep things as they are. In other cases, it may be implied.

The other type of sexual harassment at work that a sexual harassment attorney in Worcester, MA can help people with is when the harassment just creates a hostile place to work. The victim of this type of sexual harassment might know his/her job isn’t on the line if the harassment is reported, but may still feel intimidated by the harassment. Understand that people can be victims of the both types of sexual harassment at the same time. For example, a boss may sexually harass an employee by implying that the person can get fired if the submission doesn’t happen. The same victim could also be sexually harassed by a coworker who can’t influence employment decisions.

Contacting the Law Office of Michael O. Shea P.C. or another qualified attorney is the best thing to do for people who think they have been subjected to sexual harassment. Lawyers can help to determine if sexual harassment is really happening. There are times when people feel they are sexually harassed and they are not. Lawyers are good at asking the right questions so that they can get to the bottom of things in a timely manner. If a lawyer does believe a client was sexually harassed, the client should follow all of the lawyer’s instructions to the letter. It’s the best way to get justice.

Also, a good number of companies will have an employee handbook or employee guidelines in place. An employee could read a handbook or guidelines in order to find out the proper procedure for filing a harassment complaint.

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