A Unique New York Airport Shuttle

Have you ever gotten off the plane after a long journey and dreaded getting into an airport shuttle van to get to your next destination? The van may be well upholstered and climate controlled but you still have to share it with several other people who may have stops before yours. The traffic in NYC can be brutal no matter what time of day it is, especially during the holidays, and taking the buses and trains can be confusing if you’re not from the city. There’s a unique New York airport shuttle that is overlooked by many and that is to travel by helicopter. Rise above the busy city and take to the air for the fastest way to travel with a view like you’ve never seen before.

Get There Faster
You don’t have to worry about arriving at your destination on time if you use a New York airport shuttle helicopter. Your punctuality will never be questioned and you won’t have to arrive from your plane hours ahead of schedule to make sure you can get the transportation that you need. Traffic will pass by below you while you watch the city’s sights from the sky, seeing angles that will take your breath away whether you’re just visiting or you’re returning home.

Impress Your Friends
When your friends or family arrive in your beloved city, start their trip off right by getting them a helicopter to go from the airport to their next destination. They’ll get their first glimpse of NYC from above and learn why you talk so eloquently about the famous skyline. Every landmark will look like what they see in the movies and anyone with that view will feel like a VIP. Arrange a transfer for colleagues and business partners and give them an entrance that is sure to please.

Relax and Enjoy
After walking through the airport (or perhaps several), any traveler would be weary. Relax and don’t worry about walking through the city or wheeling your luggage through several trains or buses. Get on a helicopter, sit back, and enjoy the ride as you get on your way quickly and easily. Booking only takes a simple phone call and you can arrange a shuttle day or night, during any season.

Make the Last Part of Your Trip the Best Part
End your travels right with a New York airport shuttle by helicopter. You’ll arrive in style, have a relaxing ride, and see the sights of NYC with new eyes. The pilots of New York Helicopter are highly experienced, have excellent safety records, and are committed to making the last part of your trip the best part. Call today and see how easy it is to book a transfer by helicopter with their friendly customer service representatives. Be unique and arrive in style!

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