A UNIQUE New York Fashion Photographer

There is a sizable difference between a New York fashion photographer that studies the craft, that knows the art of photography intimately and a person that happens to have photography equipment and consider themselves a photographer. Can someone that is not in love with the art take amazing photographs? Sometimes they get lucky but in most cases you wind up with photographs that look a lot like stock images.  The unique attributes of someone that is in love with the art of photography versus someone that takes pictures are:

*A keen eye for creativity and opportunity
*A drive for perfection with every shot
*Results that are impressive

Keen Eye
An artistic eye when it comes to photography is something that has to be developed and the best way for it to develop starts with a love of the art. Someone that is a dedicated professional will have the “eye” to see things in a different light than a hobbyist that is only marginally committed to the craft and more committed to the commercial aspect of photography.

The Perfection
A committed photographer takes every shot seriously because they know that every shot has the potential to be the best shot. They strive for perfection and are calculated and committed on each project.  Not every photographer that you come across will offer the intense attention to details that a unique one of a kind photographer can.

Get the Results
You can choose from the pool of commercial photographers that are scattered throughout NY but if you hold out and choose that one, unique, artist you will get the results that you crave.

Make a statement with your photographs by using a unique photographer that is committed to the craft and that knows what it takes to take exceptional photos. Vikram Pathak Photography is the answer!

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