The Difference Between Your Dentist And An Endodontist

Teeth have three layers; the outermost layer is the enamel, the second layer is the dentine and finally the pulp which contains the tooth nerves and blood vessels. A typical dentist deals with a wide range of dental disorders but, when your dentist runs up against certain situations he or she will invariably refer you to a specialist. If the problem is associated with the pulp you will be referred to an endodontist in Chicago for treatment.

When would you need to see an endodontist?

If you have an infection inside the tooth that affects the pulp chamber chances are very good that the solution is a root canal, this is the specialty of an endodontist.

In some cases your dentist can perform a root canal on a tooth with a single root. Teeth with multiple roots are far more complex and as such you would normally be referred to the specialist for treatment. A root canal can be quite difficult; the endodontist in Chicago is faced with finding and then cleaning all the roots. Molars in particular have slender root canals, the endodontist has all the necessary equipment such as magnifying devices to locate the canals and clean them properly.

What is root canal treatment?

If an infection, which is often the result of a large cavity, spreads into the pulp region the debris and pus must be removed. Once the pulp is infected it will not heal, it must be removed. The endodontist will locate the roots; clean them of all the pulp, tooth debris and infection and then fill the empty canal and cap it with a crown. Once this work has been completed the tooth is totally functional, but dead.

The difference between your dentist and an endodontist in Chicago is their chosen field of expertise. You can rely on your dentist for most procedures and an endodontist for treatment of infected pulp and root canal treatments.

An endodontist in Chicago is a dental specialist that performs root canals. If you are suffering acute pain, you should see your dentist or contact South Loop Dental Specialists. Follow us on our facebook page.

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