A Workers Compensation Lawyer in Live Oak, FL Helps Clients Whose Claims Are Denied

by | Jul 27, 2016 | Lawyers

When someone files a workers’ compensation claim and that claim is denied, the individual may need to hire a workers’ compensation lawyer in Live Oak, FL to achieve satisfactory results. A related situation involves a claim being approved initially and then cut short before the person is actually able to return to work. These disputes on the part of an employer’s insurance company are not entirely uncommon, so the individual shouldn’t feel that the case is hopeless. Insurers naturally want to protect their financial interest and, occasionally, they encounter fraudulent claims. That makes insurance companies vigilant about making sure a claim is valid.

Sometimes, it’s the employer who puts up the roadblock. A manufacturing plant may not want to break a lengthy run of days with no lost-time accidents, for example. Supervisors might risk losing a substantial bonus if an injury occurs on the job. The worker’s boss may be highly motivated to keep that person at work full-time even if the individual is afraid this will make the injury worse. Even a light-duty job that involves sitting and doing paperwork or assembly tasks might aggravate a back injury.

A workers’ compensation lawyer in Live Oak, FL knows the type of medical documentation the person needs from a doctor. Evidence of the injury as provided by other people at work may be helpful, although it can be difficult to convince co-workers to make statements. Those co-workers may worry about rocking the boat and being looked upon unfavorably by the supervisor or company management.

Essentially, an attorney such as Duane E. Thomas helps clients prove that they did indeed suffer an injury that prevents them from safely going to work, that the injury was due to the job, and that they are not faking the extent of the injury in any way. This can include a broad range of incidents. Some are one-time accidents, such as slipping and falling. Others involve an accumulation of gradual effects, such as carpal tunnel syndrome after spending months or years typing or doing assembly work. Please visit the website Northfloridaautoaccidentlawyer.com for information on this particular attorney.

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