Achieve Your Goal of Becoming an Attorney by Attending Night Law School in Los Angeles

Adults who have made the decision to attend law school at night could be considered premiere students. Unlike many full-time students, these students focus on achieving their goal, not on frat parties. These students are serious, disciplined, dedicated and intelligent. Many have to balance the requirements of families and careers with their law studies.

No student decides to become an attorney on a whim. They understand that realizing their ambition will require great sacrifices from themselves and their families. Most part-time law students need four academic years to receive their law degrees, unlike the three academic years needed by full-time students. However, 10% of law school graduates received their degrees while attending Night Law School in Los Angeles and elsewhere in the U.S.

Whether these new law school graduates plan on joining an existing law firm or opening their own practices, they have two substantial advantages when compared to those who attended law school full-time. While it is true that many of them might have preferred to attend law school full time, it was not possible for them to do so for a variety of reasons. Instead, they handled the difficulties and achieved their goals.

* First, they have proven that they know how to achieve success in difficult circumstances. They are able and accustomed to balancing conflicting demands while getting the job done. When it comes to hard work, they not only welcome it, but thrive on it.

* In addition, these students have career and life experiences that will be of invaluable benefit to both themselves and their clients.

Pacific Coast University School of Law has been teaching the law to students in Long Beach since 1927. This Night Law School in Los Angeles is accredited, preparing students to take and to pass the California General Bar Examination. This school sets itself apart from many law schools by limiting the class size to 50 students. This allows closer interactions between students and professors, enhancing the educational experience, particularly for those who must take full advantage of this time.

There are two schedule options in the program, one covering subjects required in order to pass the California Bar Examination. The school also addresses the needs of new attorneys by offering classes in topics essential for new lawyers. Click here to find additional information on how this university provides a fine legal education at an affordable cost.



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