Advantages Of Buying The 2016 Ford Focus SE

Fords have a great reputation as being tough and reliable vehicles, perfect for the off-roader or the family on the go. The Ford Focus is one of the best sedans on the market, known for being reliable yet attractive. It can satisfy the urge to have a sporty looking car, but also one capable of towing the family around town. There are a whole host of benefits of owning one of these vehicles, with virtually zero drawbacks. Here are just a few advantages of buying the 2016 Ford Focus SE Sedan 4 cyls.

#1: Change Gears With Ease

Manual transmissions are gaining popularity, as a growing number of drivers are figuring out just how much fun they are to drive. Unfortunately, some of these vehicles are harder for beginners to drive, by virtue of rough or sticky gear shifting. The 2016 Ford Focus SE Sedan solves that problem, though, with it’s 4-cylinder engine and stability control.

#2: Excellent Mileage

Gas prices seem to constantly rise, making fuel economy an important quality in a vehicle for many drivers. Those who travel great distances or do a lot of driving around town as part of their working or social lives may even prioritize fuel economy to almost any other feature. The Ford Focus SE boasts an impressive twenty-seven miles per gallon in urban settings, and forty miles per gallon on the highway. This can help car owners save a ton of cash in gas costs, while also helping drivers do their part for environmental sustainability.

#3: Storage

For a smaller car, the Ford Focus can pack in quite a lot. There is already a fairly large trunk for a vehicle its size, and it has enough legroom to comfortably seat 5 individuals. There is a lot of hidden storage to the car as well, with the back seats folding down to reveal even more trunk space, and storage in the center console.

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