Advantages Of Inline Carbonation: ProCarb

Carbonation is a very important component of brewing beer. Good beer has adequate levels of carbonization. Great and excellent beer has ideal CO2 levels. This is achievable with great care, through one of two systems:

  • Brite or Stone tanks
  • Inline carbonators e.g. ProCarb

While tank systems are usually the choice of those opening their first brewhouse, inline systems are often chosen by breweries who are expanding their operations.

Why Choose Inline Carbonation Systems?

Inline systems are increasingly popular. Their capabilities go beyond their more stolid counterparts – even when automated. Inline carbonators provide brewers with a system that is beneficial in a variety of ways. It offers advantages not inherent in those that are more conventional or traditional i.e. Brite or Stone tanks. The benefits tend to fall into the following categories:

  • Time: Inline systems save brewers time by reducing the duration of the process of carbonation from what could be as long as overnight to as short as instantly
  • Space: Unlike tanks, inline carbonation systems such as ProCarb are mobile and light. They are small and, therefore, occupy less space. This makes it feasible to operate in smaller premises or to add other equipment you could not consider before
  • Money: An inline system can save you money in a number of ways. Less space costs less money. Less time means increased production and, therefore saves you money. Inline systems do not waste or off-load CO2, nor do they waste water or energy during production
  • Consistency: The product produced by an inline carbonation system does not vary in terms of CO2. This results in a consistent product
  • Compatibility: Brewers can easily install the system, as it is compatible with other components in a brewhouse. It is also easy to upgrade it to a nitrogen system and increase your production and product capabilities
  • Computerization: Inline systems feature Programmable Logic Controllers – a PLC control system. The best systems allow customization. PLC inline systems also communicate with other components including equipment for chilling and filling

The only negative appears to be the up-front cost. However, if a brewer wishes to improve the product, the process and production levels, an inline carbonation system offers this opportunity.

Inline Carbonation Systems: Procarb

An inline system is not an entry-level piece of equipment. In general, craft brewers and other breweries purchase such equipment when they are expanding. A system such as ProCarb, offers these breweries several advantages. These include complete automation, precise carbonization and easy integration into any current beer processing system.

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