Tree Cutting Services in Bronx NY May Become Necessary to Prevent the Spread of Oak Wilt

Most people have probably heard of Dutch elm disease, which was devastating to the elm populations in North America many years ago. Other fungal diseases also affect different trees and sometimes pose a serious risk to those of the same species that grow nearby. Oak wilt had left New York State spared for the most part until recently A few years ago, it was discovered and eradicated upstate, but it recently was found on Long Island. If the fungus spreads to New York City, tree cutting services in Bronx NY will likely be necessary to remove infected red oaks. Other kinds of oaks, such as white oak, have a better chance of survival, but the fungal infection is exceptionally hard on red oaks.

The discovery of oak wilt on Long Island in 2016 was an alarming occurrence. Red oaks may not even survive more than a few weeks or months once the fungus takes hold. Other red oaks within 150 ft. of the diseased trees were felled to prevent the spread of the disease. The state’s Department of Environmental Conservation plans to monitor the area regularly and continue checking neighborhood trees for any signs of infection. Preventive measures can be taken but don’t always work; trees may be infected and not yet show symptoms.

The fungus that causes this disease is Ceratocystis fagacearum. It grows inside trees and affects the vessels that carry water from the roots to the rest of the plant. The vessels become plugged and no longer are effective. The common name for the disease indicates what the first symptom is: wilted leaves that change color to yellow or brown and then fall off. Tree cutting services in Bronx NY would be essential for ridding the property of the disease and preventing its spread. If the fungus is eventually suspected in this area, property owners are supposed to report the problem to the DEC. However, if they are unaware of the problem and call a company such as Arnold’s Tree Service, the technicians will know the proper protocol to follow. Visit us at the website to become more familiar with the company.

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