Advantages Of Water Jet Cutting For Metal Fabrication In Seattle, WA

A water jet cutter is one of the most common tools used in metal fabrication. It works by forcing highly pressurized water mixed with a fine mineral abrasive through a tiny hole. The stream of water that comes out is fast and strong enough to cut through stone, glass, and metal. Not only that, it can cut precise, clean lines. There are several advantages of Water Jet Cutting Seattle WA over other types of metal cutting tools.

For one thing, the setup and use of a water jet cutter is relatively simple. Automated machines are programmed to cut a computer-assisted drawing (CAD) design, and all jobs use the same cutting head. Most people find the user interface easy to learn and use. In addition, since the water jet doesn’t put a lot of pressure on the metal, it is easy to fix the metal into place.

A water jet cutter is safer than other tools. It doesn’t generate heat, so there is no danger of getting burned or inhaling toxic fumes. The water and abrasive material are not harmful unless, of course, you put your hand in front of the jet. Likewise, the materials don’t harm the environment since they are non-toxic.

A water jet cutter can also cut almost any metal. It is commonly used to cut aluminum, one of the softer metals, but it can also work well with carbon and stainless steel along with Specialty Metals like copper, brass, and titanium. In addition, the tool can cut metal up to 4 inches thick, although most water jet cutting is done on thinner sheets of metal. While other cutting tools only work well with an even surface, a water jet cutter can cut a piece of metal that varies in thickness.

The stream of water produced by a water jet cutter is very thin and only removes a small amount of metal. This is an advantage because it minimizes waste and gets more use out of a sheet of metal. It also gives the metal a better edge finish, which makes welding easier. To learn more about Water Jet Cutting Seattle WA, click Here.

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