Aerial Hog Hunting in Texas

The feral hog population is booming in Texas, and while this may be an unhappy fact for some landowners, it is a huge draw for hunters looking for a sporting adventure. Hogs are found everywhere in Texas including golf courses, as unwanted visitors to farms and in residential neighborhoods. Controlling the population is only possible through hunting and in Texas that often means taking to the sky.

For Hog Hunting Texas residents often use helicopters. Texas is a large state and hog hunts are held in hunting areas that are tens of thousands of acres in size, sometimes larger. Navigating this much terrain on foot, or even on horseback, is unrealistic. To reach the animals faster and to easily scout out the largest in the area a helicopter offers a stealthier method that will not scare away the beasts.

When Hog Hunting Texas participants are able to hire professional teams that make the entire process exciting and unique, but always safe as well. Professional pilots and skilled hunting guides ensure that the hunt is done without any unnecessary risks. All hunters are given the training and assistance they need to make their experience safe when in the air and on the ground. All of the heavy equipment to find, kill and bring in a hog is provided.

Smith Helicopters are much more than a traditional hunting guide. They are a family owned and operated farm and ranch security service that assists landowners with finding and securing cattle, surveying local wildlife and removing predators from local farms and ranches. They work with local landowners to help them keep their property safe and to have a successful hog hunt every time they are in the air. Anyone that wants to assist in the necessary effort to cull the hog population in Texas should contact them to learn more about what they offer. Allowing hogs to run wild on private land is expensive and dangerous. Feral hogs are a risk to humans, domestic animals, and the resources domestic animals need to survive. Contact someone before losing any more crops or having any animals put at risk to these predators. Visit us at website name.

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