Versatile Equipment Dealers Save Businesses Money

Large equipment dealerships can save businesses money through lower pricing. Volume sales allow big dealers to keep pricing down on both new and used equipment. They also have access to factory incentives and sales. Small dealerships may provide better pricing on services and leasing options. The selection will not be as varied, but the customer service will be more personalized. Which type of dealership from which to make purchases often depends on the business location, budget, and needs. Business owners may also have a preference that dictates where they will buy equipment. Most offer new and used equipment, which can help save some money.

Another option is to find a dealership that provides versatile services. Some dealerships, such as Slaymaker Group, for example, offer new and used sales, leasing, service, and the opportunity to rent equipment. Renting equipment can save businesses time and money in several situations. If capital is low, renting is a way to have use of essential equipment, without a large expenditure. That is helpful for newer businesses, struggling businesses, and small businesses. Businesses can rent equipment until they have the capital to purchase what they need. Renting also allows owners to try different manufacturers so they will know which brand they want to purchase when the time comes.

Renting from versatile dealers is also helpful for any business that does not require a particular piece of equipment for a lot of contracts. Generators, for example, may only be needed for extra lighting on occasional night work. A construction company that is meeting a deadline for a project may utilize a generator to ensure there is proper lighting for safety. If night work is not the norm for the business, purchasing a generator makes no sense. Renting one is a cost-effective way to meet the scheduling deadline, and keep workers safe in the process. Renting can also be a backup plan if equipment breaks down. The experienced staff at Slaymaker Group can help business owners select the right equipment for any type of job. Most companies that rent equipment will do so for a day, week, or month. Longer term rentals are also possible, depending on the inventory available for rentals. Business owners can click here for detailed information on rental inventory and pricing.

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