After You Hire Your Criminal Lawyer in Bel Air What Happens?

Most people do not make it a goal in life to require the services of a criminal attorney. Unfortunately, things happen. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you require the services of a criminal lawyer in Bel Air, you are going to want to know what to expect. How does a criminal trial work anyway?

The first thing any criminal lawyer in Bel Air is going to tell you is that you need to get that favorite episode of your favorite crime show out of your head. Criminal trials on television are nothing like criminal trials in real life. The basic idea might be the same, but the way the trial progresses is very different. Have you ever noticed how quickly trials happen and decisions are made in television shows? That is not how the real world works.

During a criminal trial, your fate will be decided by a jury. It is their responsibility to examine the evidence and decide whether or not they think there is a reasonable doubt that you are not guilty of the crime you have been accused of. If they even slightly doubt you are not guilty of the crime, they have to rule not guilty because those are your rights.

The first step of a criminal trial is choosing the jury. Your lawyer and the prosecutor will choose the jury. Both lawyers will pick jury members who they believe are not biased to the case and can make an honest decision. After the jury is chosen the next steps of a criminal trial are:

* Opening Statements

* Cross Examination and Witness Testimony

* Closing Arguments

* Giving the Jury Instructions

* Jury Deliberations

* Verdict is Made

While it might seem like a straight forward process and a limited amount of steps, it is something that can drag on for a long time. The jury has to agree on a vote. This is something that a jury may or may not be able to do. They could deliberate for days before deciding they just cannot come to an agreement. In this situation, the jury being deadlocked and unable to agree works in your favor because the jury must agree that you are guilty for you to be punished.


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