Airsoft Guns: 10 Maintenance Tips

Just bought your first soft air guns? Don’t know how to take care of them? Don’t panic. Here are a few tips from Airsoft Dome to guide you through the basics:

  • Fully-charged battery. When you use a gun for the first time, make sure the battery is on full.

  • Charging times. Don’t over the suggested charging times. Otherwise, it could damage your battery.

  • Hot battery. If your batter is hot or warm, that’s not a good sign. Refrain from charging it. If it becomes hot or warm while it’s charging, pull the plug right away. Bring it to a dealer to find out what’s wrong.

  • Battery use. When the game is done and you’re set to go, make sure you unloaded the battery from the gun before you packed off your gun.

  • Good battery, old gun. If your battery is still in great condition but your gun has already jammed, overheated and just holding it together by spit and prayers, don’t put that battery in. Wait until you can buy a new one.

  • Jammed gun. If your soft air guns are jammed, don’t fire them. Take them to the dealer to have them fixed before you use them again. Otherwise, you could be worsening the problems and give yourself bigger repair costs.

  • Quality ammunition. Don’t go for the deformed ammunition pellets, no matter how cheap they are. The barrel of your airsoft gun is built and designed for round ammunition. Choosing cheap over quality can damage your barrel or break your gun.

  • Broken ammunition. If your paintballs have broken, don’t fire the gun. You could damage the barrel. Instead, clean out the barrels first before you use the gun again. If you don’t know how, bring it to a professional.

  • Gearbox cleaning. While it’s a simple matter to keep the outside of your gun clean, doing the same for the interior of your gun isn’t easy. Don’t try to force it open, though. Ask a professional to clean it for you.

  • Dismantling your gun. See other players dismantle and assemble their soft air guns in minutes? Don’t try to compete. Take the time to learn from the experts. Ask for tips on how to do it properly. Then learn. Don’t attempt it on a lark. Make sure you know what you’re doing.

These are just 10 tips to help you keep your soft air guns in great condition. For a great inventory of different styles, price points and types, drop by Airsoft GI and explore the range of available choices.

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