An Aerospace Pressure Transducer Provides Durable and Reliable Performance

Pressure is a key component in most common fluid powered system, especially in the aerospace industry. This type of system for the aerospace industry contains an aerospace pressure transducer, which converts fluid pressure to an electrical signal which in turn monitors the pressure in electrical systems. Other types of transducers are used in a wide range of industrial applications and commercial applications.

What is a Fluid Powered System?
A fluid powered system uses fluid like gas or liquid that has been pressurized, in order to transmit and control energy. These systems are commonly used in a variety of industrial and commercial applications. They provide strength for the more grueling industrial applications while also offering delicate positioning to provide precision machining operations. This type of system uses a pressure transducer to convert the fluid pressure into an electrical signal that helps to monitor the pressure in the electrical systems, even very low pressure.

There are two types of fluid powered systems, hydraulic systems use liquids like oil and water where as a pneumatic system uses air or other neutral gases. These systems also use a prime mover that drive a pump, which is used to pressurize the fluid, transfers the energy through hoses and pipes to an actuator that completes the machine’s task. This type of system is used in in the flight controls of both commercial and military aircrafts. This system is also used for the motor controls, flight simulators, and brakes, among other applications.

How Does a Pressure Transducer Work?
An aerospace transducer uses the fluid pressure to produce an electrical signal which it then uses to regulate the pressure in the electrical system. Pressure transducers contain a sensor of constant area which responds to force applied to the area by fluid pressure. This force diverts a diaphragm, Bourdon tube, or bellows which causes the deflections, strains, or tensions to be converted to electrical outputs.

Transducers used in the aerospace industry have the capabilities of regulating very low pressure and keep a steady signal through carrying temperature changes. Because system and part failure are not an option during air travel, an aerospace pressure transducer is designed to be durable and reliable, with a resistance to shock and vibrations that could destroy other types of transducers. Since they are so tough against damaging factors, these types of transducers are ideal for applications in the aerospace industry for tasks light flight simulation.

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