Avoid Excessive Oral Pain Using a Quality Emergency Dentist in Providence RI

There are many reasons to visit a dentist such as dental cleaning, whitening or the application of a veneer. However, a surprising number of patients tend to require much quicker treatment like eliminating the pain and decay caused by caries (cavities) or the extraction of a damaged tooth. These dental procedures fall into the purview of the emergency dentist in Providence RI. Granted, this is not necessarily a specialty since most emergency problems are related to a decayed tooth or one that has been previously repaired. One reason this may be is that many emergency repairs tend to follow the same basic set of processes to eliminate them.

While some people tend to leave oral problems alone until the decay has eaten away at the tooth, the best option is to contact an Emergency Dentist in Providence RI as soon as possible. The quicker that a cavity is treated, the better the chance of enough tooth material remaining to support a crown. This is important because many emergency dental visits are made simply to secure a dislodged crown and prevent further damage. This particular problem may occur when the shell of the tooth breaks down further from stress and/or decay.

Another emergency situation is a cracked or chipped tooth. Cracks and fractures are usually bonded as long as the break is small. Chips and larger breaks are often repaired by bonding as well. This is partly because the use of a bonding putty is much easier than creating crowns or caps. Plus, bonding small areas works very well and can be easily repeated if the repair fails. What surprises many patients is how strong the bonded tooth becomes. A well-placed putty should last as long as many other repairs and it should match the existing teeth.

Not all dental emergencies deal with real teeth. A broken denture or bridge can be just as problematic as a cavity, although, the pain may not be as bad. Even a cracked denture can cause problems as the rough surface scratches gum tissue. This could result in infections, serious cuts or disuse of the prosthetic. The latter choice is not good for the gum tissue because it can cause the tissue to shrink and the replacement teeth will become even more uncomfortable.

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