An Implant Dentist in Clayton Brings Smiles to Patients

Millions of people in the US have dental issues, including broken or missing teeth. There are various reasons why people have missing teeth. Often, accidents that involve injuries to the face and mouth lead to serious dental issues, including missing teeth. Others have had tooth decay that resulted in losing teeth. For a long time, the only solution to this problem was to have a partial or full denture made, which are often uncomfortable. Now, people can get dental implants. These are false teeth that are implanted into the jaw. These teeth are permanent, and with proper care can last a lifetime.

There are many benefits to visiting an implant dentist in Clayton, MO. For one thing, having implants will vastly improve one’s appearance. These teeth look just like the real thing, and are made to match the patient’s real teeth. Speech is also improved. When one is missing teeth, they often have difficulties speaking. Denture wearers also have problems with slurring their words and mumbling. Implants fill in the gaps where teeth are missing, and don’t slip like dentures, so people are able to speak more clearly after having this procedure from the implant dentist at Forest Park Dental of Clayton.

A huge problem for denture wearers is eating, because their teeth slip, and food particles can get trapped between the dentures and the gums. When one has dental implant surgery at Forest Park Dental, they never have to worry about discomfort while eating again. Dentures can also cause irritations and sores in the mouth. Having implants eliminates this problem.

Most people who have missing teeth can undergo this type of dental procedure. They will need to be examined by an implant dentist in Clayton, to be sure that they are candidates for implant surgery. Each patient is different. Those who have certain health issues, such as heart problems or diabetes, or who are heavy smokers, will need to be evaluated to make sure that they should have this type of procedure done. The surgery is done under local anesthesia, and most patients say that there is no more pain than having a tooth pulled.

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