The Types Of Aluminum In Cincinnati

Aluminum is one of the most widely used metals throughout manufacturing and construction. This is due in large part to its high corrosion resistance and its versatility. When it comes to Aluminum in Cincinnati, there are many options to choose from and the type used will depend on its intended function.

Aluminum Sheeting

There are three main types of aluminum sheeting, each offering unique benefits to the user. For the greatest strength, the 5052 aluminum sheet is best suited. It also offers the great finishing characteristics providing clear and bright surfaces. The 3003 sheet aluminum is the most widely used and is effused with magnesium for added strength and durability. For easier welding, the 1100 is ideal. This sheeting also works well for finishing details and decorative work due to its ability to be intricately formed.


Aluminum also comes in a wide range of alloys. Common alloys include:

* 2024 – This is also known as “aircraft alloy” because of it has the highest fatigue and tensile strength.

* 6061 – This has a medium strength and is highly versatile and offers great weld-ability.

* 2017 – Also a very strong alloy with versatile uses.

* 2014 – This alloy offers a low elongation with high yield strength and weld-ability.

* 2011 – This alloy is perfect for machining because it offers the best machinability.

The type of alloy that is best for your needs will be determined by the level of weld-ability, and strength needed.


When it comes to finishing options, aluminum offers the most to pick from. Unlike other metals, aluminum can be finished by:

* Painting


Laminated to both plastic and wood


Not only does aluminum come in several strengths, shapes, and finishes, but it also maintains itself through oxidation. This thin layer of oxide coating protects the metal from corrosion and rust, making it great to use in high moisture areas.

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