An Introduction to Concrete Raising in Joliet, IL?

Concrete is a practical and durable building material, which helps to explain its popularity for diverse applications. Despite its durability, concrete can still be prone to damage if the ground beneath it shifts, particularly if it was installed improperly. Completely replacing concrete flatwork can be quite expensive, but thankfully, there is another solution: by hiring a contractor for Concrete Raising in Joliet, IL property owners can restore their properties to their former beauty for less.

What is Concrete Raising?

Concrete raising is more commonly known in the industry as mud-jacking. This term refers to the process of pushing mud up beneath concrete slabs through the use of hydraulic pressure to raise the slabs back to a more level position. It is also sometimes known as slab jacking, concrete lifting, slab leveling, pressure grouting, and void filling, but don’t be confused; no matter what the repair company calls this process, the end result will be the same.

How Does it Work?

First, a small hole, usually about an inch and a half in diameter, will need to be drilled through the concrete in the affected area. Next, a hydraulic pump hose will be inserted through the hole and mud will be pumped through it to fill in any voids beneath the concrete. This process will be continued until the desired level is achieved, then the hose will be removed and the concrete patched to show no signs of the original hole.

What Do They Mean by Mud?

The mud used in Concrete Raising in Joliet, IL concrete contractors use is a specially blended mix of cement, clay, sand, and water. It is usually mixed on-site in accordance with a standardized recipe. The blend is designed to provide stabilized fill that will not break down over time, allowing further settling of the concrete.

Learn More Today

Curious to learn more about concrete raising, or looking to find a contractor that can help? Davis Concrete Correctors have over 25 years of concrete raising experience and offer free estimates to all of their customers. Property owners can Browse the website for additional information or call today to get answers to any questions they may have about concrete repairs.

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