An Optimum Temperature Setting Can Prevent the Need for Cooling System Repair in Tucson AZ

Energy experts advise homeowners to turn their thermostat for air conditioning up when they leave for the day instead of leaving the system running at a cooler temperature. If they like the temperature in the house to be 76 or 78 degrees Fahrenheit when they’re home, for example, they might turn it up to 82 or 84 before leaving. A programmable thermostat does this automatically. The main reason this action is encouraged is to save energy and cut electricity costs. It also can help prevent the need for Cooling System Repair in Tucson AZ because the system doesn’t have to work as hard all day long when nobody’s even there to enjoy the climate-controlled environment.

Some residents of the southeastern United States worry about the interior of the home becoming too humid if they set the thermostat that high. This isn’t a concern in the Tucson area, where the humidity level rarely gets above 40. In fact, because the air isn’t full of moisture, a higher temperature tends to feel more comfortable than it does in places like southern Florida and Louisiana. The higher the household residents are willing to set the thermostat on hot days, the less likelihood they will need cooling system repair in Tucson AZ due to overburdening the equipment. Somebody who wants to luxuriate in 72-degree cool air when the exterior temperature is more than 100 degrees outside will probably require the central air system to run almost continuously.

Many people have heard that it’s best to set the thermostat temperature and leave it there. They may have even read debates about this recommendation online. The problem is a fundamental misunderstanding of how residential cooling systems work. It doesn’t require more energy or effort for a central air system to cool a building 6 or 8 degrees in late afternoon or early evening compared with the amount required to keep that building cooler all day long. High-efficiency equipment, as maintained by a company like Arico Plumbing, is even better at this than older models were. Anyone who needs cooling system repairs now and wants to prevent the problem in the future may visit us online.

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