When You Move Home, Does Your Garden Go with You?

You may become quite sad when you think that years of planning and looking after your garden are going to be left behind when you move to a new location. You may consider moving some of your garden plants and smaller trees with you. How will your favorite residential movers in Jackson cope with your suggestions?

Moving to A Property Without a Garden

When you move to a new property, it may only have lawn to the front of the property and nothing else in the yard. While it may be obvious that this gives you the opportunity to plan an entire project for your yard, you may be able to bring some starting plants with you, from your current property.

Your Tools Will Move with You

Your lawnmower and all your garden tools will be easy for your residential movers in Jackson to move to your new property. They will be experienced at packing your garden tools, so they are safe in transit and readily available when they unpack at your new home.

Should you decide to move heavier items, like birdbaths, water features or concrete sculptures, they will need to know about this in advance of the move. They may need to hire specific lifting equipment to move your favorite items.

What About Plants?

Plants that you have spent years growing and attending to are likely to make the journey with you to your new home. Where they are in the ground, it is easy to dig plants up, put them into planter bags or plastic containers and ask your residential movers in Jackson to move them carefully with the rest of your homes possessions.

Because they are extremely delicate, some plants may receive some small damage on the journey, but if most of the plant and particularly the roots are good, they will quickly spring back to life. It is important to remember to keep the plants wet as they move home because if they dry out, they may become stressed and you will need to have them ready to increase the survival opportunity when you plant them in any location.

Should you have any small trees you wish to move, you might need to employ a company that specializes in lifting trees and moving them, unless they are small enough to move in plastic containers.

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