Animal Control in Pasadena Helps With Snake Prevention

Think one little mouse is okay to have in a basement, outhouse or inside the walls? Think again! Mice are not only damaging to possessions and are also are a fire risk of they chew wires but also attract snakes. Some people may find it hard to think that snakes are good for anything, but they do eat a lot of rodents, including the humble house mouse. However, this means instead of having just mice in the house to deal with; now there are mice and snakes. Follow these Animal Control in Pasadena and elsewhere tips to prevent snake invasions.

Kill Existing Mice

Snakes get into homes because they are following where the food is. If mice are not in a home, then snakes have little reason to go inside of a building or into a basement. It’s not enough just to set out a snap trap and hope for the best. Contact an Animal Control in Pasadena and elsewhere professional that can find where the mice are most likely to get into traps or bait stations. If poison is used, a professional makes sure it is used safely, so children and pets do not accidentally get hurt.

Tidy Up Yards

Mice and snakes prefer places to hide. A messy yard that is never mowed and full of junk will provide plenty of hiding and sleeping spots for mice and snakes. Mow the lawn. Remove fallen branches, leaf piles or brush. Trim bushes, so the branches are not touching the ground to make a shelter for pests. Remove piles of trash or other debris. Make sure trash cans are metal so pests a cannot chew through them to feed on garbage.

Be Careful With Food Placed Outside

Ideally, all pets should be kept and fed indoors. This is not always possible. Bowls of food should be removed for the night, at least. Mice are most active at night. Clean up any spilled bird seed from feeders every day. Seed on the ground will attract mice, rats, and other pests.

In Conclusion

There are 27 species of snake native to Maryland. Some of them are venomous. They go into homes following mice. If concerned readers live in the Pasadena, Maryland area and have more questions about preventing snakes from getting in their homes, contact today.

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