Veterinary Hospital in Gulfport, MS Focuses on Breed-specific Conditions

Not all dogs are created equal. While they may all bark, dig, or excitedly wag their tails, they are also predisposed to certain illnesses. For instance, German Shepherds frequently have problems with hip dysplasia while yellow Labradors often suffer from ear infections.

Breed-specific Medical Care

So, if you are seeking medical assistance for your pet from a veterinary hospital in Gulfport, MS, make sure it is a facility that provides customized care. For instance, if a doctor knows that a certain breed of dog has a high occurrence of bladder cancer, he or she can more easily assess the dog’s health. Knowing what illnesses will likely affect a breed enables veterinarians to narrow down the reasons for an animal’s illness.

Because of these differences in medical conditions, places like The Pet Clinic individualize patient care. Veterinarians assess patient treatments and diagnoses by considering the breed of a dog as well as other factors. By looking for specific symptoms or conditions, veterinarians and their staff can ensure early treatment and a better level of care.

Breed-specific Conditions

When a veterinary hospital focuses on breed-specific care, doctors and staff members are able to streamline the investigative process so a patient can receive a better and faster treatment response. Some of the common medical issues found in various breeds include the following:

  *    Hip dysplasia is common in such breeds as English Setters, German Shepherds, and Great Danes

  *    Hypothyroidism is found mostly in Cocker Spaniels, Dachshunds, and Irish Setters

  *    Bloat is a common occurrence in Saint Bernards and Great Danes

        *    Congenital heart disease regularly happens in breeds, such as Bulldogs and Collies

When the staff at a veterinary hospital is focused on breed-specific medicine, your dog will receive customized and special care. This care extends to nutrition for your pet, vaccinations, dental care, and medical care that covers each stage of a pet’s life.

Know what ailments are specific to your dog’s breed and monitor your canine’s care at home as well. By visiting a veterinarian facility that offers breed-specific care, your dog will receive the best level of treatment.

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