Annual Maintenance Tasks at the Trailer Service in Cameron Park

Just like any vehicle taken out on the open road, trailers require regular service and maintenance. Despite not having engines, trailers are heavy, as are most of the items they carry, and losing control could cost the operator immensely. Between the vehicles towing the trailers, the equipment loaded on them and the dangers they pose to everyone else on the road, there is a lot to lose by forgoing a small amount of care. By hiring a skilled Trailer Service Cameron Park, drivers can have a planned schedule that will keep them and their equipment safe on the road.

Wheel bearings are probably the most common issue that leaves trailers, and their owners, stranded on the side of the highway. Many times, this can be avoided by having the bearings greased every year. This helps to keep moving parts lubricated, but also provides a layer of defense against moisture and debris. It also helps to clear out the old dirt and road dust that have accumulated before it can seize up the bearings or cause too much wear.

Alignments and braking systems are another concern. It is important that a trailer stay where it is supposed to on the road or the suspension or its components could be damaged. Even if the problem does not go that far, the tires will wear unevenly and could be at risk for an unexpected blowout.

Lighting is important as well. Since the trailer will be blocking the lighting from the vehicle providing the tow, it must be able to replicate the signals and marking lights that are covered. It is important to ensure that all lights, including brake lights and turn signals, are operating properly before each use. Replacing a blow-out bulb is fast and cheap, but many issues are caused by problems in the wiring harness itself.

At Vintage Transport in Cameron Park, they can assist with problems, provide regular maintenance to avoid many problems, and even help their customers find new trailers to purchase. They sell custom fabricated trailers, accessories for trucks and trailers, and much more. To see a sample of what they have to offer, take a few minutes to browse the website, stop by, or give them a call.

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