Are You Losing Heating or Air Conditioning Through Damaged Ducts?

by | Mar 2, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Air ducts travel throughout your home to carry both heated and cooled air to different rooms. During the summer, the ducts are vital for keeping the entire house cool and comfortable and in the winter it’s necessary to have unobstructed ducts to keep your family warm and cozy. But what happens if your ductwork becomes damaged or just doesn’t seem to be offering the same output of air like it normally did? It’s time to call a company that offers duct repair in Jacksonville area to get it fixed!

Damaged Ducts and the Loss of Heat

Ducts can become damaged from a wide number of causes. Perhaps there was a recent repair made on another part of the house which caused unnoticed damage to a duct, or a storm could have caused damage to duct work in the attic. No matter what the cause was, having your ducts repaired is a great way to ensure you keep all of your heating and air conditioning, thereby improving your energy efficiency and lowering utility costs.

Cleaning your Ducts for Unobstructed Airflow

Airflow can be obstructed or slowed by the normal build-up of dust and debris in your ducts. Spider webs, pet dander, hair and other airborne particles can get sucked into the ducts and trapped, slowly causing a coating on the inner surfaces and air output grills. This has the ability to slow and even cease the air from passing, leaving you with a properly working heating or air conditioning unit but a room or entire home with the wrong temperature! Luckily, inspections of the duct are simple and quick, giving the air conditioning contractors a good idea of what the problem may be. The solution could end up being as simple as a HEPA vacuuming of the ducts and their vents, or it may even help find damages you did not know about in the ducts.

Indoor Air Quality and Health

The air inside your home can be dirtier than the air outdoors. For families with allergies this can be bad news. Keeping your ducts well maintained can help reduce the particles found in your indoor air, as well as remove mold spores and trapped pet dander. Some companies that offer duct repairs can also offer some forms of duct cleaning, so always be sure to ask if they have those services available to you.

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